Texas - Measurements



Texas Measurements markets strain gages, measurement transducers, and associated instrumentation. We represent the Japanese company Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo Co., Ltd (TML), a world leader in strain measurement with sales offices in 35 countries.

Texas Measurements has marketed TML products in the United States exclusively for over 40 years, and more recently, in Mexico. Our customer base is quite diverse, and our products can be found in virtually every industry where structural testing is performed. We also routinely assist students and faculty at universities throughout the U.S. in the selection of strain gages, transducers and instrumentation to meet their testing requirements.

Strain gage orders can usually be delivered in 7 to 10 working days, and we can provide a delivery date at time of purchase should your schedule require it. We accept company purchase orders as well as major credit cards. Technical assistance with product selection is available by phone (979)764-0442 or email sales@straingage.com.